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The Nepalese branch of Azom Monastery



An introduction to the Nepalese branch of Azom Monastery


Azom Osel Do Ngag Chokhor Ling commenced at Drubpa Lung, the secret place of the dakini, at the hermitage of Pharphing, Nepal,a sacred place blessed by Acharya Padmasambhava, and often called the king of all places of accomplishment.

With the objective of restoring the deteriorated transmissions of the authentic lamas, in particular the teachings of the glorious Azom, and to further increase those transmissions that had not deteriorated, Azom Namtrul Gyurme Gyatso Rinpoche started to newly build this in the year 2008.


Chapter 1 Monastery Scale

Nowadays in this monastery there coexist a monastic college, retreat center, and a school. There is accommodation for approximately 500 monastic sangha members, and there are three floors of accommodation for male and female lay practitioners. There are four stories of shrine rooms with exquisite designs, shapes, colors, etc. The murals inside contain gold and the smaller statues and roof ornaments are made of gold and copper. In short, the monastery itself and the objects within are all exquisitely made.

In the lower shrine room there is an eighteen foot tall statue of the Buddha and sixteen foot tall statues of Padmasambhava, Avalokiteshvara, Vajrasattva, and Tara. In the middle shrine room there resides the assembly of the families of the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities. In the upper shrine room there are statues of the eight great vidyadharas from the land of the noble ones, headed by a statue of Padmasambhava. In the uppermost shrine room there are various statues including one of Vajrakilaya in union. These statues are molded from traditional sacred formulas of a variety of precious and medicinal substances mixed with clay. The design, proportions, etc., are all correctly and authentically made. All of the work has now been successfully completed.


Chapter 2 Blessings from Great teachers

Before that, many great Nyingma lineage holders such as the sixth head of the great secret Nyingma teachings of the early translations, Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche; Kathok Moktsa Rinpoche and Kathok Getse Rinpoche from Kathok monastery, one of the six main Nyingma monasteries, located in the east; Kyabje Patrul Tubsang Rinpoche; Kyabje Domang Yangthang Rinpoche, and others, have set foot here. Based on their blessings and aspirations, today’s auspicious and fortunate circumstances which will certainly benefit the dharma and sentient beings have come about in a timely fashion.



Chapter 3 Monastic Education

There are currently more than 200 monks living in this monastery. They have ten teachers who provide them with the opportunity to diligently apply themselves to the common fields of knowledge: grammar, spelling, orthography, and colloquial and written languages; and the uncommon fields of knowledge, from the practice of rituals up to the complete teachings of sutra and mantra.

Under the main care and guidance of Chogtrul Gyurme Gyatso, a development committee and an education committee apply themselves assiduously to overseeing various aspects, such as the study program, in order to ensure that all sangha members, both old and young, will have a meaningful existence in this and future lives, and that they will be able to be of benefit to both themselves and others. Chogtrul Gyurme Gyatso, whilst simultaneously taking responsibility for all of the necessary and conducive conditions of this monastery, both outer and inner, travels to various foreign countries to increase his auspicious activities of benefitting the dharma and sentient beings.

To conclude, I make wishes in accordance with the following verse:
may the oceans of the dharma of sutra and mantra be mastered,
may the great treasury of the jewels of the three trainings be completely filled,
may the light of the dharma of scripture and realization pervade all directions,
may this abode of dharma thrive and flourish.


Azom Wosel Dongag Chokher Ling Monastery

Sheshnarayan VDC, Ward no. 8, Dollu
P.O. Box 23047, Pharping,
Kathmandu, Nepal

+977 9741 504 738
+977 9741 504 738


URL: www.azommonastery.org