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A brief biography of Yangsi Druglha Yeshe Dorje


From the dharmakaya, the indivisibility of awareness and the vast expanse
Arises the unity of awareness and emptiness, the guru’s face, the sambhogakaya.
Displaying the nirmanakaya for the sake of those to be tamed
I bow with reverence to Drugtrul Yeshe Dorje.

A short biography of the incarnation of Thubten Pema Trinlay Rinpoche, Druglha Yeshe Dorje:

Just as in the final testament of his former incarnation, Druglha Yeshe Dorje’s father is from the Drasar bloodline, and called Tseten Tashi. His mother, Tashi Tsomo, has the same ancestry as his previous incarnation, the lineage master Thubten Pema Trinlay.

He was born in the Water Horse year, 2002, in the first Tibetan month, during one of the four annual auspicious festivals that has the Buddha’s blessings. This is an exceedingly special time which celebrates the Victorious One’s conquering of the four maras. This occasion marks when, through the display of miracles, our teacher, the Buddha, annihilated all maras and heretics, and placed them on the sacred path. It was then that he was born, amidst many marvelous sites and with the mandala of the major and minor marks of enlightenment.

In accordance with the final testament of his previous incarnation, Jamyang Chokyi Nyima recognized him and took him under his care. He remembered previous lifetimes and is replete with the natural signs of a sublime being, which will not be mentioned here. Currently he resides at Pel Lharung Dharma city where he is studying the subjects of both sutra and tantra, and is in the process of ascertaining the extent of their meaning through listening and contemplation.

He continues to rely on the extraordinary guru Jamyang Chokyi Nyima and strives to follow the tradition of his predecessor. In this way his life and enlightened activity continue to increase like the waxing moon. He remains as our refuge and object of aspirations.


Following his predecessor, his mindstream is rich in the three trainings.
By the display of the wisdom of listening, contemplation and meditation perfected,
The great purposes of the teachings and beings are completely fulfilled.
May he remain for a hundred aeons.